why should i come to columbia Impact? 

We believe that by working together as a diverse student body, through entrepreneurship and technology we can have a meaningful impact in our NYC community. We have brought together some of New York's largest companies, most cutting edge startups, devoted mentors and alumni, all of whom contributed their time, money, and expertise towards supporting this mission. Join the rest of the students participating in this project and see the impact that we can have during these 36 hours and beyond.

What do teams deliver?

Teams must work together to produce solutions to challenges provided by our sponsors and non-profit partners. They should be designed so they will not only have business value, but also have maximum social impact potential. 

How does team registration work? can i choose to work with my friends? 

The Columbia Impact Solv-a-thon is a unique opportunity to work together with students from other schools. We have provided a spreadsheet to help participants find teams before the event. Find the spreadsheet in the team formation tab on our website and follow the instructions there. You can join with friends as long as your team represents 2 or more schools and has less than 5 members.

what should the team makeup look like?

Teams are expected to deliver both technical and non-technical work to the judges. We recommend teams be comprised of students of diverse skill sets to ensure they are competitive in all aspects and benefit from this unique opportunity to work with students from other schools and backgrounds.

what can a diverse team do together?

Every team is asked to present both a working product and a pitch deck outlining a viable business plan. As Columbia Impact intends to bring together students from different schools to collaborate, the competition is designed to highlights unique skills of different student bodies. Teams are recommended to have hackers, business school students, and students with industry expertise.

how much time will i spend working? 

Hacking begins at 9:00 AM on Friday and can continue until 3:00 PM on Saturday. This is when pitch workshops will begin. 

do i need to stay on-site throughout the event? 

If teams remain on-site, they will have the opportunity to hear from inspiring speakers, meet experienced mentors and alumni, network with recruiters from leading companies, and most importantly, get to know other students from across the university. As a result, staying on-site is highly encouraged, though not required.

when will the api's be released? 

Information related to the challenges, resources, and API's available for students will be publicized two weeks before the event.

what are the prizes that i can win at this event? 

We will be offering $15,000 in prizes to student teams, so come ready to win.

will there be swag?